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Toby Prehn

Toby Prehn

Toby Prehn was one of the founding investors in A10 Capital in 2007 and is the Chairman of the company.

Mr. Prehn entered the asset-backed securitization market in 1989 when he and his business partner began purchasing auto lease receivable assets from the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and other motivated sellers. These assets were then securitized in the first auto lease securitization transaction ever completed in the United States, with the resultant investment grade bonds sold to institutional investors. Over the past three decades, Mr. Prehn and his business partners have founded a number of receivable securitization and other specialty finance companies, and in the process were the first to securitize auto leases, private jet loans, franchise loans, micro-ticket leases and commercial real estate bridge loans.

Mr. Prehn was a co-founder of the following companies: A10 Capital, Cold Chain, G2 Energy, Peteco, Commercial Lending Corporation, Default Recovery Corporation and Aviation Finance Group. Mr. Prehn currently serves as a board member for the following organizations: J.A. and Kathryn Albertson’s Foundation, Bluum, and Agri Beef.

Mr. Prehn was honored to serve as a speaker and panelist for Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge, a program in which entrepreneurs and leading Silicon Valley investors met with ambitious students and UK based business leaders to discuss world changing technologies and business practices.

Mr. Prehn graduated in 1983 from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.